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eReserve battery storage project

Stored Electricity for Discharge on Demand


eReserve-1 battery storage project consists of a 20 MW capacity lithium-ion battery storage system. This standalone facility located south of Rycroft, Alberta, is used to store electricity for discharge into the local distribution system upon demand from the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO).

There are two additional eReserve battery storage projects currently underway in Alberta located near Grande Prairie and Lloydminster. Each of these projects consists of a 20MW capacity lithium-ion battery storage system.

These battery storage facilities will generate many community benefits during both the construction and operations phases such as:

  • municipal tax revenue requiring minimal municipal services
  • generating local jobs for electricians, equipment & project operators, labourers, specialized trades, site managers, and engineers
  • procurement of local support services such as accommodations and food services for workers
eReserve battery storage project

Battery Storage Systems Improve Grid Reliability


Battery storage does not create new electricity but rather holds previously generated electricity in large capacity batteries.

Electricity is drawn from the Alberta electricity grid, then stored in batteries for a period of time, and eventually released as stored-energy-upon-demand for the Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”). The battery storage system will effectively return energy to the electricity grid when needed to support the electric system, generally when demand is high.

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar generation constitute an increasingly large percentage of the electricity supply, increasing the demand for battery storage systems in recent years. While renewable power sources have a low carbon footprint, the output produced is inherently intermittent and unpredictable. These renewable electricity sources cannot be adjusted in response to increases or decreases in system demand, resulting in challenging grid management.

Battery storage systems provide a unique solution to this challenge, as battery technology can enable the shift of power output upon increasing grid demand.

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